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Welcome to Harford Cheerleading!

We Are a premier competitive Performance rec cheerleading & TRAINING Program,
a first of its kind in Harford County, MD. We offer sport specific skills training for athletes of all ages, from toddler to college level and beyond. Class information and schedules will be Updated as sessions begin.

Summer Camps

Our boosters program, leading harford is sponsoring camps for this upcoming summer session! These camps are open to all and include more than cheer! Register for these camps here:

We also have CHeer & Tumble specific Camps, Register below!

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Competitive Cheer

This program is for Girls & Boys ages 5 - 18 years old. No experience necessary.

2024-25 Competitive Season

Full Season Registration opens March 15th!

Our next competitive season will begin in August and run through April, possibly into May depending on competition options. Teams will practice 3-6 hours a week (1-3 hours for tinies). Practice days/times will be sent with team placements.

  • Monthly mandatory flyer training clinic for elite flyers included
  • Monthly mandatory Tumbling clinic for each team athlete included
  • Monthly conditioning/training clinic for non flyers included
    *Additional fees may apply for the tiny team, as their initial costs are lower and additional requirements may not be necessary.

Registration Fee: $275 - due at registration (non refundable)
(5% discount for siblings will apply on initial registration fee)

Monthly dues: $122 (charged August-April on the 15th of each month)

Scroll down for TINY TEAM enrollment! (those born 2017-2019 are eligible)

Fees include: Gym fees (insurance, rent, utilities, admin fees, etc), practice wear, special events, team bonding, athletes gifts/prizes, skills training and more!

Competition fees: Fees are based off the competitions we will attend. We expect to have these confirmed by September 1st. We plan to attend between 5-7 competitions (3-5 for tinies) this season (3-4 local/semi-local competitions plus 1-2 travel competitions). Competition fees include: competition registration/entrance, choreography clinic, bow(s), make up, and routine music. Participation in Finals events will be based on each team's eligibility and will require an additional fee to cover any registration or travel fees.

All registrants will need to be evaluated prior to being placed on a team. We will have multiple opportunities for this in June. We will also be providing level up training classes in May & June: You must be registered for the season in order to participate.

If you register after June 15, an additional $35 evaluation/placement fee will be applied - this will be refunded if we do not have a spot available. Registrations will be accepted as long as there is a team/position available. If you are not happy with your child's placement and would like them re-evaluated, there will be a $50 re-evaluation fee - they will be expected to present and continue executing appropriate skills & display the behavior for desired level/division (see below for level recommendations).

Additional fees: We will do our best to fundraise for any fees beyond what is included in your fees above, however, the fees below may also be required.

Uniform: If needed. we typically get a new one every other year, if you have a full season uniform that fits properly you do not need a new one this season. You can also buy/sell from others. (Approx $205)

Team Jacket/Jersey/outerwear (Approx $45-$75)

Cheer shoes (ANY white CHEER shoe that works for your cheerleader).

Any travel accommodations if applicable.

Quitting fee: $250 (Applies if you quit after 9/30 of the current season or after team routine choreography).

All families will be charged an annual membership fee of $35 - This fee will be charged yearly when a family registers for a program. All families must participate in mandatory fundraising assigned by our boosters program.

CROSSOVER FEES: Athletes participating on more than one team may be required to pay an additional Crossover Fee ranging from approximately $200 – $400, depending on competitions selected for the season. The Crossover Fee will be determined at the end of August.

Competitive Cheer - Half Season

2023-24 Season Registration Is CLOSED! 2024-25 Season Registration will open August 1st!

This program is a great option for those that play fall sports and can't commit to cheer until they are done. Teams will practice 1-3 hours a week and compete in 1-3 competitions, depending on competition dates and team readiness.

2023-24 Details for an example of expectations...

Registration is $150 to register. In addition monthly dues are $75 from November-April. These will be charged the 15th of each month. The season will run from November through April/May depending on competition dates.

Fees include: 2 competitions, Gym fees (insurance, rent, utilities, admin fees, etc), performance wear, athletes gifts/prizes, skills training, bow and routine music!

Additional fees:

  • Additional Competition Registration fees will be applied based on the competitions we attend.
  • Cheer shoes (ANY white CHEER shoe that works for your cheerleader).
  • Any travel accommodations if applicable.

Evaluations: All registrants will need to be evaluated prior to being placed on a team.

Practices: Practice day & times TBD once we have teams decided.

All families will be charged an annual membership fee of $35 - This fee will be charged yearly when a family registers for a program.

FUNDRAISING: In order to maintain fair pricing while offering a quality program, we will fundraise throughout the year. All families will be encouraged to participate as much as possible. Our Competitive program will require participants to fundraise, or offer a comparable fee to opt out of fundraising. We will also offer optional individual fundraising options to help pay for your fees.

Volunteer expectations: In addition to fundraising, there may be times we need help from you to support the program. This may be through volunteering your time at an event, help with fundraisers, community support, cleaning, transporting etc. If we do not have enough help when requested, we will have to assign parents to fulfill requirements.

Athlete Evaluations & Team Placements

Athletes will be evaluated according to the skills they have perfected in order to place them on appropriate level teams. Possible Divisions are Tiny level 1, Mini Level 1, Peewee Level 1, 2, 2.1 or 3.1, Youth Level 1, 2, 2.1, 3.1 or 3, Junior Level 1, 2, 2.1, 3.1, 3 or 4 and Senior Level 1, 2, 2.1, 3.1, 3, 4 or 4.2

Tiny Prep Program

We have something special for 3 - 6 year olds to get competition ready too!
Our Tiny Prep program focuses on learning and practicing cheer fundamentals such as Cheer, Dance & Tumbling along with age appropriate social and academic
skills in a fun but structured atmosphere.

$160 per session* - This is due when you register.

Our Tiny Prep team is for girls and boys ages 3-6 (ages may vary per session). We will introduce fundamental Cheerleading skills as well as focus on social and cognitive developmental skills, such as counting, listening to and following instructions, taking turns and working together. This program will allow budding athletes to expand their knowledge of cheerleading & team sports, while getting a good workout and having fun in a safe environment. Must be 3 by the first practice.

No competition for this program, however they will perform for families at a showcase.

This program will be offered in 2 sessions:

  • Fall: September 20 - Dec 13
  • Winter: Week of Jan 14 - Week of March 24 - Registration Now Open! (Schedule will be confirmed soon!)
  • Spring (mini session): May 1 - June 5 - Registration opens 3/1

NEW this season we have a TINY TEAM option!

This is a full competitive season for those born during 2017-2019. Practice begins in September and runs through early April. Practice day/time will be confirmed once registration is complete. This team will practice 1-3 hours a week depending on team needs.

Registration is $150 & Monthly dues are $85 from September - April, charged on the 15th of each month. Competition fees will be additional.

All families will be charged an annual membership fee of $35 - This fee will be charged yearly June 1st or when a family registers for the first time if after that date.

Cheer Training Program

for Girls & Boys ages 5 - 18 years old, that participate in other sports / activities as well and / or cannot commit to a full Competitive season at this time. We are offering this option to give athletes the opportunity to stay active, learn new skills and perfect their current skills.

This program & classes are OPEN TO ALL - not just team athletes! It's great even if you cheer for another program or play another sport and want some additional training & practice! In each class, Instructors will work with athletes to form an essential foundation, focusing on necessary athletic principles to include tumbling, dance, jumps and stunting, when appropriate. Each training session will be 45-60min. Cheer shoes will also be required, any kind will do.


Registration is CLOSED for this season! Come back for FALL training info soon!

This cheer training program does not include competition, but is great for high school, sideline cheer & competition PREP or just for a sample of the sport for fun. All training and team families will be charged an annual membership fee of $35 - This fee will be charged yearly June 1st or when a family registers for the first time if after that date.

High School Cheer Training

Registration is OPEN - Welcome to our High School Cheer Training Class! This program is designed to empower high school cheerleaders with a comprehensive skill set. From learning cheers to perfecting stunts and jumps, our experienced coaches will guide you through every aspect of sideline and competitive cheerleading. Develop teamwork, enhance performance techniques, and build lasting friendships in a supportive environment. Join us to elevate your school spirit and showcase your cheerleading pride. Get ready to bring energy, enthusiasm, and excellence to the sidelines and competition floor!

Tuesdays: 5:30-7pm ($89)

Session 1: 6/4-6/25
Session 2: 7/9-7/30

Jumps, Flex & Conditioning

Classes can be prorated. Join our dynamic Cheerleading class designed to elevate your skills in jumps & flexibility! Whether you're a seasoned cheerleader or a beginner, our expert instructors will guide you through a series of invigorating routines focused on perfecting your jumps, enhancing your flexibility, and building overall strength. Get ready to soar to new heights with confidence and precision, as you master the fundamentals of cheerleading in a supportive and energetic environment. Elevate your performance and become a standout cheerleader with our comprehensive class!

Contact for class options!


Registration is CLOSED - (4 classes per session)

Stunt Training: This dynamic course is designed to hone the skills of cheerleaders in various stunt positions. From bases to flyers, each participant will receive specialized training, focusing on safety, technique, and teamwork. Elevate your cheerleading experience by mastering impressive stunts under the guidance of experienced instructors. Get ready to soar to new heights and showcase your team's strength and coordination with confidence!


Flight School: Are you ready to take your cheerleading skills to the next level? Join our specialized Flyer Training Class, designed to enhance balance, flexibility, conditioning, and build unwavering confidence for flyers. Whether you're a novice or experienced flyer, these classes will help you soar to new heights!



Classes can be prorated (see below for private/small group options as well!)

Tiny Tumble ($45): Wednesdays 3/6-3/27 from 6:30-7:00pm
This Tiny Tumble class is designed for little ones aged 2.5 to 4 years old! Engaging activities promote balance, coordination, and confidence in a fun, safe environment.

Beginner Tumbling ($65): Wednesdays 6/5-6/26 6:15-7:00pm
This Beginner Tumble class is tailored for ages 6 to 14! Learn foundational skills and build strength in a supportive and dynamic atmosphere.

Walkovers, Handsprings & More: This class is tailored for athletes who have mastered a bridge kickover without assistance and are ready to take their tumbling skills to the next level. Throughout the course, participants will focus on refining their technique through a variety of drills and skill-building exercises to work all level 1 skills into handsprings. This class provides a supportive environment for athletes to grow and develop their tumbling abilities.

Mondays 5:00-6:00pm
5/13 - 6/17 ($90)

Beyond Back Handsprings: Advanced Level Tumbling: Join our Advanced Tumbling Classes where athletes are expected to have mastered a Back Handspring (BHS) without assistance. In this class, participants will focus on refining their technique through targeted drills and skill-building exercises. This class is designed to help you achieve your goals and elevate your skills to the next level!

Thursdays 5:00-6:00pm
5/16 - 6/20 ($90)

We also have additional small group options with each of our Tumbling coaches:

Coach Michelle:!/showSignUp/8050D44ADA922A31-private

Coach Shaunna:!/showSignUp/10C0A4AAAAE22A3F58-49289280-may2024

Coach Chelsea:!/showSignUp/4090B49A9A72AA2F94-48169734-tumble

**We can prorate classes as needed and offer drop ins if class has availability**

More Tumbling, Stunt, Cheer skills & Tryout prep classes & clinics coming soon!

Small Groups & Private Lessons

Grab a group of friends or teammates and get some extra practice! These individual and small group lessons are great option for those that prefer to keep to their small group/pod/bubble as much as possible during this time. However, if you don't already have a group to join you, we can match you up with others interested in the same training.

Instructors and scheduling are based on skills requested and space availability. Please email for schedule options.

Small Group (min of 4 athletes)

  • Stunts, Tumbling or Acro: 45 minutes - $30 pp, 1 hour - $40 pp
  • Conditioning, Flex, Jumps, Dance, etc.: 30 minutes - $15 pp, 1 hour - $25 pp

Privates (2-3 athletes)

  • Your choice of training: 30 minutes - $25pp, 45 minutes - $35pp, 1 hour - $50pp
  • 1:1 Training is very limited, case by case pricing and availability will be determined

Private Group/Team Event, Clinic or Camp

We can design something just for your team/group! Choose from tumbling, stunts, dance, sideline cheer, Acro and/or conditioning sessions - mix & match. Includes the option of crafts, games, team building activities and more!

Special Stunt Group Training

  • 45 minutes of instruction: ONLY $50!
  • 5 athletes max - must be a complete stunt group (bases, back spot, flyer, front) BRING YOU OWN GROUP!
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